Top ten migrant and immigration resources

For new, old and prospective migrants or those who, like us, are interested in the migrant communities of this vibrant multi-cultural city, here are ten great resources that offer a range of advice, information and community opportunities.

1. The Forum 

The Forum has various projects including a mentoring scheme, a community hub and an initiative to combat online racism. They are also behind the Migrant and Refugee Woman of the Year awards.

2. Electronic Immigration Network

This is the largest online specialist provider of information on immigration and refugee law, the public section offers news and updates on immigration and the members area offers case law and legislation. Aimed at anyone interested in this subject.

3. The Migrants Resource Centre

The Migrants Resource Centre made its mark last year with a supplement in the metro that sought to challenge the negative perceptions of migrants in the media. The organisation offers legal advice, community and education employment service. The site supplies all the details of an how to access their services, to find out about the ‘get started’ initiatve for new Londoners, visit this page  or see our previous post.

4. The Migrants Rights Network

The website of the Migrants’ Rights Network, an organisation that campaigns for the rights of all migrants is useful to those interested in the wider issues surrounding migration in the UK and keeping up to date with news.


The official source of government policy and regulation, with advice on visas, immigration, asylum and customs.

6. Immigration Matters

Immigration matters provides news and information for those interested in migrating to the UK, the U.S, Canada, Australia and New Zealand.

7. The Migrant Children’s project

The Migrant Children’s project hails from the Children’s Legal Centre (CLC) and offers an advice line, newsletter and FAQs whilst promoting the rights of migrant, asylum seeking and refugee children.

8. Sharehoods

Sharehoods offers help with visas and other practical tasks such, ranging from arranging healthcare and transport to paying tax. For news and updates and to hear from migrants themselves, visit their blog.

9. Migration Observatory

Based at the Centre on Migration, Policy and Society at the University of Oxford, the Migration Observatory provides independent, authoritative, evidence-based analysis of data on migration and migrants in the UK, to inform media, public and policy debates.

10. Migrant Voice

Migrant voice aims to challenge negative perceptions and stereotypes of migrants both in the media and public opinion. The blogs section has informative and well written articles,opinions and first person accounts from both migrants, writers and politicians. The founder, Nazek Ramadan was awarded Migrant and Refugee Woman of the year in 2012.

[View the story “Ten of the best online resources for migrants” on Storify]


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