Top 5 migrant stories of the week 06/01/13

  1. 1. Speaking on the Andrew Marr Show, a week before his key speech on Europe, the PM David Cameron vowed to make immigration tougher for EU citizens, and added to his ‘Strivers vs. Shirkers’ narrative by asking “should it be harder for people to come and live in Britain and claim benefits?”
  2. 2. A firm employed by the UK Border Agency to track down nearly 200,000 illegal immigrants has been wrongly telling people, legally resident in the country, to leave.
  3. 3. Five officers are hurt as illegal immigrants riot at immigration removal centre in Lincolnshire. Despite having 24 hour medical services, a well stocked library and an indoor badminton court, the centre has a history of non-cooperation, following a hunger strike last September after 18 asylum seekers refused to be sent back to Afghanistan.
  4. 4. ‘One Pound Fish’ singing sensation Muhammad Nazir who rose to fame after performing a quirky song about his day-life as a fish-trader in East London, has been removed from the UK, back to his hometown of Lahore, Pakistan, by immigration officials.
  5. 5. Following years of robust growth in the Scottish tourist cruise industry, new tougher immigration rules from the UKBA that may discourage people from coming to popular Scottish ports, has created a rift between the semi-autonomous region and the government in London.

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