Top 5 migrant stories of the week 24/12/12

  1. 1. After Peter Hitchens wrote in The Mail on Sunday  that Britain was ‘rapidly becoming a separate nation’, Rachel Cable defended the UK’s stance on immigration in an open letter, published by the Daily Mail
  2. 2. Under new proposals by labour, the UK Border Agency would have the power to make arrests
  3. 3. ‘Germany underestimated the importance of a culture of welcome and overestimated the attractiveness as a country of immigration,’ says researcher at respected think-tank following a survey.
  4. 4. Poland was the only EU country to avoid a recession in the 2008-09 period and its perceived status as a country that people leave for the UK is about to be turned on its head according to the BBC
  5. 5. Being at home for Christmas is something we take for granted, but for international students who have their passports with the UK Border Agency this is not always possible.

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