Top 5 migrant stories of the week 16/12/12

  1. 1. White British people are now a minority in London, (the first place in the UK where this is the case), according to the 2011 census data released on Tuesday 11th. Some 45% (3.7 million) of people in the capital described themselves as white British, down from 58% (4.3 million) in 2001 (from BBC news).The number of foreign-born residents of the UK as a whole has risen by nearly 3 million to 7.5 million since 2001. This means 13% – one in eight – of all residents, were born outside the UK.

  2. 2. Labour leader Ed Miliband gave a speech on Friday morning, in which he set out Labour’s immigration agenda. His 3 point plan includes (from the Guardian):
    a. English language teaching for new migrants to be be
    ahead of funding for what he regards as non-essential
    written translation materials.

    b. English language proficiency requirements to be extended to all public sector jobs in which staff interact with
    members of the public.

    c. Schools and parents will be encouraged to
    share responsibility
    for helping foreign-born children by including
    statements on English language learning within Home School Agreements.

  3. Miliband also said he wanted more “integration” without this becoming “assimilation”. The full text of the speech is linked to in the tweet below.
  4. 3. David Cameron responded to Miliband’s speech by attacking Labour’s immigration record: “They presided over a completely broken immigration system that over 10 years allowed 2 million people net come to the UK”
  5. 4. Boris Johnson criticised Home Secretary Theresa May’s claim that immigrants are to blame to pushing up property prices.
  6. GdnPolitics
    Boris Johnson criticises Theresa May over immigration claim
  7. “Addressing May’s claim this week that a third of new housing need had been caused by immigration and that without it house prices
    could be 10% lower over a 20-year period, Johnson said: “I don’t think
    it is sensible to say to keep down property values we should keep people
    out, or investors out, in order to allow property values to decline.

    “That would lead to a fall in the equity of everyone and, for the life of me, I cannot see the logic,” he said.

  8. 5. A pregnant asylum seeker was evicted on the day her labour was induced – even though G4S, the main contractor, knew she was going into labour. Some are calling for the government to mount an inquiry into the incident.
  9. seonaid90
    Terrifying piece in @Independent about a pregnant asylum seeker being evicted by G4S on date she gave birth
  10. Zoe Williams discusses the broader issue in an article on Friday:
  11. RefugeeNewsNetw
    ‘Evicting asylum seekers? We just follow orders’ | Refugee News Network… @guardian

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