#Ourday campaign launch

The #ourday campaign launched last night  and  one of our bloggers, Jessica, was lucky enough to go down to the St Ethelburga’s centre in East London. She listened to an array of interesting speakers and met representatives from other Migrant organisations in London, including Sharehoods, who’s guest post you can read here.

Musa Okwonga, writer poet, broadcaster and communications specialist performed ‘The ‘Migrants Manifesto’

Last to speak at the event was Nazek Ramadan, founder of Migrant Voice and a winner of migrant and refugee woman of the year.

She spoke about the negative representations of migrants in the media and said that allowing Migrants to tell their own stories is of paramount importance. If they have a chance to speak for themselves then people can form their own opinions and see migrants as individuals, rather than a group, or a category of status.

The Migrant Voices section of this site aims to do just that, wherever you are from, whatever your story, we want to know.

The Migrants Rights Network commissioned a short video of the evening; watch it here.


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